Our Cookies , Cakes and Cupcakes are design and created exclusively for our clients. Prices may vary depending on size, design and extra details or embelishments.


Our standard cakes are filled with delicious ganache and covered with fondant.
Your choice of flavour.

          Single tier cakes starts from $200
          2 tiered cakes starts from $300
          3 tiered cakes starts from $400 

Naked Cakes

          6" Double barrel cakes starts from $175
          7" Double barrel cakes starts from $205
          8" Tripple barrel cakes starts from $245

Our cookie flavours.

         Basic design cookies from -  $5 each.  Solid colours and minimal piping details.
         Detailed  cookies  from -  $6 - $8 each. Intricate and more labour intensive designs.

There is a minimum order of 12 cookies and 6 individual cookies per design.
Metallic painted cookies and embelishments have additional charges.

We also offer custom gift box sets. Please email us for designs and quotes. 

There is a minimum order of 24 standard size cupcakes per flavour.
Please see our flavours.

               Buttercream cupcakes starts at $5
               Fondant covered cupcakes starts at $6

There is a minimum order of 48 mini cupcakes per flavour.

               Mini Buttercream cupcakes starts at $2.30
               Mini Fondant covered cupcakes starts at $2.60

Please email us for custom cupcake toppers